Maintaining your oral health is imperative to having a healthy, happy and less worrisome life. Although caring for your teeth and gums is essential to everyone’s overall well-being, both young and old. However, older adults must keep their dental hygiene as a priority as they are especially vulnerable to dental problems that commonly affect seniors. At Alba Dental, your dental health is our priority, and our dental team cares for our older patients with compassion and customized solutions, both before, during and after your appointment.

How can we help you preserve your oral health? Check out our tips to keep your dental hygiene in optimal condition:

Brush and Floss Daily

This is a vital tip for everyone to abide by to ensure white, glowing and healthy teeth free of bacteria. Incorporating brushing and flossing into your everyday routine removes plaque buildup that occurs from food and can lead to tooth decay. Ensure you’re brushing twice daily, once in the morning and once at night before you sleep. Floss between your teeth every day prior to brushing. If you’re having trouble flossing on your own, our dentists at Alba Dental can recommend a special pick or brush that is more suitable and easier for you to use.

Avoid Using Tobacco and Sugary Foods

Having tobacco in your system in any form has been linked to an alarming increase in mouth and throat cancer, especially in older adults. Additional conditions tobacco can lead to include heart disease, eye diseases and more. Eliminating tobacco from your routine is essential to preventing harmful diseases to your health. Food and beverages that are high in sugar can lead to tooth decay and other oral health issues.

Keep An Eye On Your Mouth

Unfortunately, the risk of developing oral cancer increases with age and older adults are especially susceptible. Regularly monitoring your mouth for any changes can prevent the development or further harm to your dental hygiene. If you notice the following symptoms book an appointment with Albal Dental clinic in London immediately:

  • A spot on your lip, in your mouth or down your throat that is painful, sore or uncomfortable
  • Any white or red patches in the mouth or numbness 
  • Swelling in your jaw or pain in the ear
  • Difficulty chewing and swallowing

Discuss Dry Mouth with Alba Dental

Dry mouth can be triggered by many medications, especially medications prescribed to treat diabetes or cancer, which affects many older adults. Dry mouth can make tasks such as eating or talking arduous and painful. If it is not detected and treated, it can lead to infections or tooth decay.

Alba Dental is your dentist clinic in London for specialized, compassionate and friendly care for older adult patients. We ensure high-quality, effective oral health care to make life easier for you and leave you feeling confident. We look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with you and helping you with all of your dental hygiene needs to keep your health in check. Ready to book your appointment? Call us today (519) 777-2020!