It’s natural to want whiter looking teeth but before you turn to whiten products, it’s important to focus on the foods and drinks that stain teeth in the first place. Familiarizing yourself with these particular items will help prevent these types of foods from becoming a regular part of your diet.

Staining can happen in several different ways and foods that contain a lot of acids will strip away your tooth’s enamel, exposing the dentin, which will be far more vulnerable to staining. Foods that contain chromogens, which are found in foods that are rich in colour, possess substances that end up sticking to the enamel on the tooth and staining it. These are just two examples and the following list will give you a better idea of which foods and drinks cause the most staining:

  1. Coffee and tea. Both of these will stain your teeth because they contain acids that will affect your enamel and possibly even leave dark stains behind. Coffee and tea lovers understand how unrealistic it is to cut these drinks out completely from their daily routine, so focus instead on the quantity you consume and try to cut that down.
  2. Wine. Not only is wine acidic, but it also contains stain-causing chromogens, so it will definitely affect the colour of your teeth. White wine is equally as problematic because it is a lot more acidic, so it will strip your tooth’s enamel and leave them exposed to more stains.
  3. Sauces that are rich in colour. Tomato sauces and curries will darken tooth dentin because they contain acidity as well as stain-causing pigments.
  4. Sugary drinks. Energy drinks, sports drinks and sodas contain very high amounts of sugar as well as acids, both of which are very damaging to your teeth. Not only can these drinks lead to cavities, but the food colouring in the drinks will also leave your teeth vulnerable to stains.
  5. Food colouring. The added chemicals in food colouring will stain teeth because their purpose is to transform food to different colours and when it comes to teeth, it will lead to stains, so stay away from popsicles and hard candies as much as you can because they do a lot more harm than good.

These types of foods and drinks will prevent you from keeping your teeth white and while cutting them all completely out of your diet is not a possibility, certain things like cutting back and brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice a day will help significantly when it comes to maintaining whiter teeth.

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