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Dental emergencies never occur at a convenient time. If you or someone you know is experiencing unexpected dental trauma, tooth pain, knocked out tooth, chipped tooth, loose dental restoration (such as falling and hitting something with your tooth), and sudden, excruciating toothaches please call Alba Dental Centre in London for immediate dental care (Dr. Sharif Alsabbagh & Dr. Nuha Baalbaki – London Dentists).


We will most definitely want you to come in as soon as possible, and this is mainly because the sooner you obtain professional dental care, the faster you will be without tooth pain.   Any dental pain that lasts longer than a few minutes or comes-and-goes repeatedly could be a sign that something is wrong and needs immediate attention.

Children and teens tend to require attention from time to time for chipped or broken teeth that may occur due to sports or accidents. Call us right away and we will do our best to see you that same day if possible. The use of a sports mouth guard is a great investment that goes a long way to prevent broken teeth and protect the integrity of your child’s smile. What to do in a dental emergency:

Toothache/broken tooth/swelling & pain


Clean around the sore tooth by rinsing with warm, salt water to displace any trapped food between the teeth. Try Tylenol, Advil or Aspirin to alleviate the pain for a few hours but do not place aspirin on the tooth or gums. Keep hot and cold liquids away from the sore tooth. Applying a cold compress against your cheek will help with pain and swelling. Sharp edges can be removed with a nail file or by applying wax or chewing gum.

Knocked out tooth


Baby teeth cannot be put back in place. If the adult tooth looks clean, try and put it back in its place. Rinse the tooth by holding it by the crown end and not the root end. If the tooth cannot be reinserted, then carry it in a cup of cold water or milk and get to a dentist as soon as possible. If an adult tooth is reinserted within 10-20 minutes, there is a greater chance that it will take root again.

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If you or your child have a dental emergency, our London dental office is here to help you. Give us a call as soon as possible. (Dr. Sharif Alsabbagh & Dr. Nuha Baalbaki – London Dentists)

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