Healthy teeth start with good dietary habits, apart from oral hygiene. The younger you start, the fewer problems you have as an adult. To avoid acute dental problems in your child, it is important to first recognize them. Tooth decay and cavities are not the only dangers. Below is a list of common dental problems that you may not be aware of.

Weak Enamel
Tooth enamel protects the teeth from bacteria in acids and sugary foods that are responsible for tooth decay. It also protects the tender nerves and dentin that lie below the enamel from sensitivity to excessively hot, cold, sweet and acidic foods. Eroded enamel is a common problem in children. Fluoride treatment is a good way to help them fight it. Your teeth contain fluoride, but in children whose teeth are still undeveloped, fluoride helps strengthen the enamel. The simplest way to protect the enamel is by having your children use fluoride hygiene products such as toothpaste and mouth rinses. There are topical treatments available too that are best applied by a dental professional.

Plaque Buildup
Most children are not adept at brushing their teeth using proper techniques. Even with adult help, it is hard to get rid of daily plaque and tartar buildup. This is where a regular visit to the dentist helps. Dental pediatric professionals use advanced tools and a gentle hand to scrape off plaque and tough tartar buildup that a regular toothbrush cannot tackle. Some use an ultrasonic device to shake them off loose tartar followed by a quick rinse with water and teeth polish. The dentist uses a special toothpaste for the purpose, flossing between the teeth. This greatly reduces the chance of pulpal infections in children. They use a small mirror to examine the hard to spot areas of the mouth for signs of decay, inflammation or gum disease.

Teeth Strengthening Foods
The wrong foods can be responsible for a great amount of oral damage. Sugar is the main enemy. Bacteria feeds on sugar for survival, converting it into acids that cause tooth decay and cavities. Keep an eye on the foods that your child consumes. Encourage them to brush their teeth after sugary, sticky treats.

Pits, Fissures and Cavities
It is common to find uneven teeth in children. Pits and fissures are a breeding ground for bacteria. This is the way many cavities are formed. Dental sealants are an effective way to keep food from sticking to the teeth crevices and preventing tooth decay. They last up to 10 years to keep teeth protected.

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