Children’s Dentist in London, Ontario

Children’s dentistry involves teaching patients how to properly care for their teeth. Many children learn their most important oral hygiene habits by visiting our practice, including:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • How to avoid tooth decay

Alba Dental does more than just teach children about proper oral care. Our team of dedicated dental professionals goes the extra mile to provide thorough treatment when our patients need it the most. To learn more about our children’s dentistry services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.


For children who have a lot of decay, Dr. Nuha Baalbaki may recommend extra fluoride and can also seal off the decay before it happens, by applying pit and fissure sealants on the tooth surface.


Dr. Nuha Baalbaki (London Dentist) recommends a dental hygiene and check-up every six months. Routine visits will start your child on a lifetime of good dental health.

Regular Checkups Prevent Tooth Decay

Your child’s early experiences at the dentist can help shape the future of his or her oral health. If you’re looking for a caring, compassionate >dentist in London, Ontario who truly caters to children, look no further. Alba Dental Centre is pleased to offer comprehensive children’s dentistryin a warm, comfortable setting.

Focusing on Patients

Tooth decay begins with dental plaque, a soft, sticky substance that builds up on your children’s teeth. Plaque is mostly made up of bacteria, which feed on sugar from food and drink, producing acids as a waste product. The acids attack the teeth resulting in tooth decay.