Sensitive teeth make drinking and eating a lot more difficult because the fear of pain will prevent you from enjoying your favourite sweet and sour foods as well as hot and cold beverages. For many people, even the cold air can hurt their teeth and the only way to resolve this issue is to get to the root of the problem. Once you know the exact cause of your sensitivity, you will be able to find treatment accordingly. In many cases, tooth sensitivity is actually a sign of other oral health issues including gum disease, a cracked tooth or a loose filling. That is why you must address the underlying cause in order to successfully solve the problem so that you don’t experience tooth sensitivity any longer. 

Taking care of your tooth enamel is very important as this is the hard layer that serves as protection for your teeth. Once enamel starts to wear away nerve endings will become exposed leading to pain and sensitive teeth can be a result of this. If this is a problem you’re experiencing using a softer toothbrush and don’t brush your teeth aggressively. If you do it too hard, you may end up removing more than just plaque from your teeth and your enamel will wear away faster. 

Avoiding acidic foods and drinks will help make a big difference because things like candy, soda and carbs containing high amounts of sugar will attack your enamel and damage it. The next time you’re craving a treat, remember that they come with consequences so try to find healthier snacks instead. 

Teeth grinding and stress may lead to sensitive teeth as well because they will wear down your enamel. Address your stress issues or speak to your dentist regarding a nightguard or any dental work that may be required. If you bleach your teeth, this is something you should take a break from because it will result in sensitivity and this treatment may not be right for you. If the pain is severe you should stop with the treatment altogether. 

Treatments do exist and once the problem has been found, you can apply the necessary changes including a specific type of toothpaste, sealants, desensitizing pastes, mouth guards and fluoride gel to name a few. If the issue is very serious your dentist may suggest other solutions like a root canal for example.

If you’ve been experiencing tooth sensitivity it’s important to discuss this matter with your dentist because ignoring it will make things worse. Alba Dental in London can take care of all of your family dental needs so whether you need an emergency dentist or are looking for a children’s dentistry clinic in the London area the dentists at Alba Dental can help! Call today to book an appointment