If just thinking about going to the dentist gives you anxiety, sedation dentistry may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Leaving you relaxed and comfortable, this treatment option may even make your dental appointments something to look forward to. Before you call your dentist, here are a few things you should know about sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry is a Comfortable Experience
There are various sedation dentistry options available to make the experience more comfortable for patients. A milder option is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, which is administered through a flavored nose mask. Oral conscious sedation, however, puts you in a deeper but still conscious state and is administered through a pill. IV sedation is a more powerful option for high dental anxiety, and lastly, General Anesthesia can be used to let you nap during longer procedures.

It’s a Safe Dental Practice
Whether or not sedation dentistry is safe is something patients commonly wonder about. However, this dental treatment is done in a controlled environment by highly trained professionals. The staff will be monitoring how much sedative you’re receiving and how your body’s reacting. Your safety is in good hands when you visit a sedation- licensed dental clinic that practices sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry can Ease Your Fears
Dentophobia, or having an intense fear of dentists and the drilling sound, is something that millions of people feel or experience when it comes to maintaining their oral health. This phobia might be mild, moderate or severe, which is where sedation dentistry plays a major role. Sedation can help patients overcome their fear during the dental treatment, giving professionals the opportunity to work on them efficiently and without hassle.

Sedation Dentistry is Different from Anesthesia
While sedative and anesthesia are commonly thought to be similar treatments, that’s not the case at all. They both serve different purposes: sedatives effectively relax patients while anesthetics numb your senses either locally in your mouth or on a broader scale with general anesthesia; so no pain is felt during a procedure.

The Dosage is Specific to Each Patient
There’s no universal sedative dosage for any medium using the drug, as every individual requires a specific amount based on their age, weight, metabolism and other factors. It’s also why dentists don’t want you self-medicating before a dentist appointment to calm anxiety, as you could easily administer too much of the drug.

Sedation Dentistry Creates Efficiency
If you have dentophobia or are fidgety when you’re at the dentist, then sedation dentistry can help calm you down enough so your dentist can get their job done more quickly. As your body relaxes, you’ll also be able to manage any pain more effectively, and with your dentist working faster than usual, your time in the chair will be reduced as well.

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